Grease Trap
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A product to rapping a waste from kitchen area such as
oil, particle or tiny things that may flow in the area. Normally
installed under equipment or planting in the floor, depends on
the quantity of wastewater that usually passes on the drainage pipes.

Model/Type TH/GT500 TH/GT610 TH/GT915
Dimension,Length X Depth X Height (mm)  500 X 350 X 310 610 X 457 X 406  915 X 610 X 500 
Location Used Placed on the floor  Planting in the floor  Planting in the floor 
Features 1) Cover Lid (TH/GT500)
2) Aluminium Checker Plate (TH/GT610 & TH/GT915)
3) Baffle Plate

4) Perforated Sedimen Basket
5) Vent Out Pipe
6) Inlet/Outlet Nipple

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